Boracay Condos for Rent

Almost everyone has an idea of the kind of dream vacation home they want. Some would want to have one on the mountains, surrounded by the plush nature. Some would love to have a vacation home by the beach. People may have different views of their ideal vacation homes for people like different things but the common thing about these is the want and need to go on a vacation once in a while. These kinds of breaks are needed to release stress, revitalize senses and build family memories.

In a tropical country such as the Philippines, many prefer to have a beach house. This is not only related to the Philippine climate but it is also associated with the number of beautiful beaches in the country. One of these wonderful landscapes is Boracay Island which has been awarded many times for being a traveller’s choice. Not only do people choose to vacation on this island but some of the local international tourists are now looking into retiring to Boracay. In this case of what just started in a curious vacation resulted in the love for the island and decision to retire here. Boracay is a beach island that can be compared to Costa Rica where reviews revealed that it is one of the fine places to retire.

Although there are options available in Boracay for beach houses, many still have their own idea of the perfect beach house. People collect different ideas from each vacation. Along with this process is the saving and waiting for the perfect timing. On the contrary, this does not mean that Boracay Island is exclusive for those who have a property on it. Boracay has abundant accommodations for tourists visiting the island. People are offered a wide-range of choices from hotels, resorts and condos. People can enjoy the vacation by staying at the hotels or simply leasing a Boracay condo unit.

Finding a room or a place to stay for the duration of your stay is not a problem for there is a lot of information available on line. In fact, people can create and plan the whole itinerary for the vacation. The Boracay condo listing software has made it possible for those who own a condo unit to provide list their property under the for lease category. This makes it possible for those who are looking for Boracay Rentals to find the perfect condo for their vacation.boracay3

The Boracay condo listing software has made things easier for travellers. With just a few clicks through the listing, vacationers can find the best condo that will fit their needs for the whole Boracay get away. Searchers now will be able to get the information needed on the condo unit that they have been browsing through. From the number of people that the place can accommodate, price for the whole stay and the amenities that come with the place.

You may not have your own beach house just yet but the Boracay condo rentals give you the chance to enjoy that well-deserved and fun vacation that you have been planning. The good thing about having vacations once in a while is seeing different homes or condos where you can take inspiration and put together the dream beach house you have always wanted. Different condos have their own personalities and people can easily see the taste of the owner when it comes to interior design. Building a dream house can be compared to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You have to look and study each piece to know where it will fit. The Boracay condos for rent will provide great visuals and experience to complete the dream house puzzle you are putting together. All of these towards the actual dream beach house while enjoying the beautiful island of Boracay.

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Call Centers in Boracay

The business process outsourcing companies known as the call centers have been growing in number in the Philippines. Companies have been popping like mushroodownload (2)ms in the country for they certainly reduce costs in operating their businesses. These companies need people to perform the customer service, technical support and other business support functions which are abundant here. Not only do they get the native speakers in the Philippines but the cost is much lower compared to the western countries. Many international companies have outsourced in this country and have put up such centers in cities and other areas where they can get the number of people they need easily. Most of these call centers were placed in urban areas in the Philippines and they are still continuing to search for possible areas to put up call centers.

Many have considered the Boracay Island as a great place to put up such call centers. Just like any industry, the call center business people are also going through hectic schedules which include shifting type and stress from the long hours of work. Putting up a call center in Boracay is can be a great idea. In any field, motivation is very important in order to keep the employees productive. Motivation is not only limited to monetary means but employees can be motivated through other ways. Imagine a call center in Boracay, wouldn’t it be fun to work and go to the beach once in a while. In this case the clear waters and the white sands are readily available for the employees to take time and relax.

They say never mix business with pleasure but there is really nothing wrong in doing so. A call center in Boracay is pretty much doing so. Many of people from the city travel as much as 200 miles to reach the island to get their share of rest and relaxation so they get rejuvenated and continue to take on the challenges. So it will be great on the part of Boracay call center agents. Not only do they have a lucrative job, they are also located in the internationally known Philippine tourist (3)

According to the psychology of colors, blue is the color of calmness, healing and focus. The water and the skies which dominate the whole of the island will surely help them relax and get rid of the unwanted stress on their bodies as part of the healing. The water and the skies will also help them focus on their job making them productive on the tasks that they are going undertake.

Overall putting up a call center on Boracay Island is a wonderful idea. The companies should not worry about filling up the seats with qualified people as agents. Almost all Filipinos can speak English very well. With a little accent and communication polishing they will be good to go. This will be an opportunity that many locals can pursue. They will be provided another source of income aside from the tourism which is considered the jewel in the region.

This is the reason why it is no surprise to hear that many companies are looking at Boracay as the next call center outsourcing destination. There are many opportunities that can be explored in Boracay. The tourism and real estate have been flourishing in this place and there is no doubt that call centers may also prosper. When it comes to getting people to work in such a call center in Boracay, there are a lot of people who are in love with the place who would take the opportunity to work on the island. So there’s no big surprise if one big company opens up its contact center in the beautiful place.

Investing in Boracay

boracay-wordpress4Located 200 miles south of the National Capital region and 1.24 miles from Panay Island in the Philippines, Boracay Island is internationally-known tourist destination. Its beaches have been awarded many times for it is usually the choice of local and international tourists. When summer time comes the first place that people usually think of is Boracay. It is now far from the guarded secret that people have decades ago. Today the place is frequented by tourists and even couples who would want to get married on its beautiful shores.

Boracay is one of nature’s finest places. The clear water and sugary-white sand beaches are just a few of things that leave tourists wanting to go back. These are just a few reasons why investing in such place is a great idea. In boracay you will find many hotels, resorts and condominiums that welcome guests during peak and off peak seasons. However, if you are a tourist who is a yearly or a frequent visitor of Boracay you might want to consider having your own place in this beautiful island.

There are many reasons why investing in Boracay is a great opportunity to take. One of these reasons is that Boracay’s economy lives on tourism. Tourism in Boracay started in the year 1970 and since then, it has never failed to draw hundreds of thousands tourists. Having a place such as your own condominium will ensure you of having a place to stay. During the peak season, getting a reservation in the island is really hard. Hotels and resorts tend to be fully-booked.

Another aspect you also might want to consider is the financial part. Investing on a place or a condominium of your own can save you money. Vacations mean having a good, stress-free time but this entails spending on accommodations and other activities you are bound to do. This is where investing in a Boracay condominium helps you. There are many flexible financial arrangements that you can choose from, all these aim to help you own that property which will benefit you. Instead of spending money to pay for accommodations, why not invest the money on a Boracay property that will be yours in no time.

With a Boracay property, you cannot go wrong for your occasional visits allow you to have such investment rented as well. Such Boracay property can also be a source of income for you. The great number of tourists that visit the island, may it be during the peak or off-peak seasons make it possible for your investment to generate income. This becomes a win-win situation for any investor. Every Boracay property is subject to the potential return of investment when it is explored.

Aside from these reasons, Boracay properties alone appreciate as time passes. The value alone is evaluated based on the location, size, structure type, age, cost, rental and sales prices of improvements. When all these are assessed, it will give you an idea of how much value your property has. With all these, you can also sell your investment at a higher price because of these parameters. There are many potential buyers that you can target.

There are many locals and foreigners who are willing to spend and invest their money on a Boracay property. Some also consider retiring to this place for they see themselves living the life in a one-of-a-kind life surrounded by fine nature. This also allows them to continue earning while enjoying fresh seafood and crisp sea breeze. The Boracay locals are also known to be warm and friendly. It is not hard to create a network of friends that you can hang out with. This island is not only about the beautiful landscape and clear waters but it is also about great people. It is a wonderful community as a whole. Who would not want to be part of such a delightful community?

These are just a few of the reasons why investing in Boracay property is a great idea. It is not enough to just read about this place but it would be best to visit and realize that this island is beautiful beyond words. Be one of the hundreds of thousands people visiting it each year and it would be better to visit it as often as you can. With an investment in Boracay it would cut your spending into more than half. This island offers you a chance to enjoy, live and earn.

Affordable Boracay Condos for Sale

The Philippines is a country categorized under the tropical rainforest bracket when the aspect of climate is considered. This weather is characterized by a reasonably high temperature, humidity, and abundant rainfall. This type of climate is very much attractive to international tourists who visit the country to enjoy the beautiful vacation spots. Since the Philippines is made out of more than seven thousand islands, there are many beautiful beaches on its coasts. The most popular is Boracay Island which is frequented by the local and transnational tourists.
boracay-wordpress2Boracay Island is considered to be one of the top choices for travellers. Tourism is the main income-generating channel of the whole province. The island is known for the beautiful waters, one-of-a-kind white sand and plush nature. These are the main reasons why people fall in love with Boracay and come back as soon as they are able to. Many tourists describe it as a magical and wonderful island. This is why it does not come as a surprise when people look for their own place in Boracay.

Although Boracay Island is a non-commercialized destination, many can find five-star hotels and other great accommodations here. Condominiums are also present on the island. These Boracay condos are available for lease and for people who are willing to buy a place of their own. Many dream of having their own vacation homes on the beach which allows them to have an easy access of the sands and shores. The condominiums present here are strategically built near the shores. They are equipped with the furniture and fixtures that aim to provide the home-away-from-home feeling. They offer the comforts your own home while giving it a twist of hotel living.

In Boracay you can find the dream vacation home that you’ve always wanted. The island itself gives tourists the rejuvenation they need. This beautiful landscape takes you away from the hustles and bustles of city living. With the great number of people visiting the place yearly, many look for available condos for sale. The search for condo units for sale by willing investors and buyers may not be as easy as searching online. The web search may sometimes be tough for there will be many results related to the name Boracay alone. The list of searches may include written reviews of the place, general information and many more. It is quite hard to narrow down searches of condominiums for sale listings. In order to make things easier for both the seller and the potential buyer, this site was launched.

Boracay Condos for Sale Listing Software
boracay-condos-for-saleThe real estate world is considered a major business area for there are many available properties on the market. There are various locations you can choose from and there are definitely abundant condos available in the urban areas such as the National Capital Region. Since Boracay is one of the most-sought after places to buy a property, this Boracay condos sale listing software narrows down the market until the searcher zeroes in on the perfect condo. This listing software aims to provide ease in searching in Boracay. This presents the small Boracay Island in a bigger picture where one can magnify possible target buys.

Amazingly Affordable Boracay Condos for Sale

The vision of owning your very own dream house near the beach is no longer beyond reach. You can have the vacation home you are longing for on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There are many Boracay condos for sale which one can buy at a good price. There is more to the clear waters and white sand in the island, when you buy a property in the area, the value of it appreciates yearly because it is on a zone where tourism thrives. People are given the chance to own a property in Boracay bought for a good competitive price and get an asset that increases in value. These affordable condos in Boracay are definitely worth the investment.

Eat your Heart Out at the Boracay Restaurants

boracay-restaurants-300x224The tropical island paradise is a famous place for its beautiful beaches as well as the Boracay restaurants. The trip on this island is never complete without eating in any of over 200 restaurants on the island. Normally, destinations like Boracay let tourists experience the local delicacies and dishes in the country. However, the tropical island destination does not only serve the Filipino specialties but it also has a lot of restaurants that offer world-class cuisine. From Mediterranean, American, Greek and Asian; they are present in Boracay.

The dining experience on the island is a one-of-a-kind experience, treating almost everyone to a gastronomically-awesome ride. People who are looking for great food can eat at any of the Boracay restaurants. This goes the same for those who are looking for refreshing thirst-quenchers on the island after a wonderful swim on the beach. The great thing about these restaurants is that almost of them are found along the white-sand shores. People can find a place to eat in all over the island. Whether people are looking for a good place to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a snack in the afternoon; they can find a Boracay restaurant nearby.

boracay-restaurant-andoks-roast-chickenIf you are on the area of the White Beach, you might want to try the great food offered by popular restaurants there. One of the Boracay restaurants on the White Beach is Andok’s Boracay. It is a franchise of the famous Andok’s Lechon Manok in the country. It has become a hit for they do not only serve delicious grilled chicken but they also have other Filipino delicacies. Andok’s Boracay is not only known for their sumptuous food but it is also known to offer these fare for a practically low price. The all-time favourites here are grilled milk fish, tapa, tocino, roasted chicken, fried chicken, porkchop, barbecue, crispy pata, lechon kawali and sisig. For dessert, they offer the famous leche flan, mais con yelo and banan con yelo. Tourists who would want to experience their food can find them in Boat Station 3 on the White Beach.

Another Boracay restaurant is Baracuda Snack Bar which is located on the shores the White Beach. This is a known Reggae, Rock and Blues Bar. It is famous for breakfasts and lunches with its small area. However, tourists should not be deceived by its small space for it serves great food. They have a great menu which includes their best-sellers like sandwiches, omelettes, salads, muesli, fruit pancakes, rosti, schnitzels and sausages. This is why it is a great place to have breakfasts; these meals are also great for snacks. They also offer a wide array of fruit juices and tea but during the night people can have a great time with the available booze. People who would want to have a filling breakfast, lunch or snack can find Baracuda Snack Bar at the White Beach, it is located just north of the tourist center.
blue-mango-boracay-restaurantDuring a walk across the White Beach, on the Station 3 people can easily spot another popular Boracay restaurant. It is called Blue Mango Boracay restaurant, it is famous for a menu that has a fusion of American, Chinese, Filipino, German and Italian flavors. Among their delectable dishes, their seafood pasta is their specialty. Diners will also love the prices which range from low to medium amounts. Not only will the tourists enjoy the food but the ambience as well. It is one of the Boracay restaurants that have a roof deck loft where people can have a panoramic view of the beautiful waters. People who would want to have fun on Blue Mango Boracay Restaurant can go ahead and order booze, for this restaurant is also a bar.

boracay-restaurant-lemon-i-cafe-fruitshakes1In going to the beach, some people would want to have a serving of fresh fruits. Jonah’s Boracay Fruit Shakes is a place that offers a wide array of tropical fruit shakes. This is one the highly-recommended places to visit on the island. A Boracay trip is not complete without stopping over at Jonah’s for a thirst-quenching fruit shake. Aside from their best-selling shakes, they also offer tasty sandwiches and burgers. This is a restaurant like no other on the tropical island paradise.

Having the knowledge of the fictional character of mermaids in the sea is fun but in Boracay, the Café del Mar Boracay restaurant lives up to this idea. They have a mermaid statue in front of the bar and restaurant has become their trade mark. It is now related to the cozy ambience of Café del Mar which offers good food, thirst-quenching beverages and relaxing music. Because of these factors, it has grown to be a popular hangout place on the island. They make sure that guests and other diners wake up to a good start through their American, Continental, Filipino and Boracay Breakfasts. They also have healthy breakfast options which consist of muesli, diced banana topped with mango. It is then served with yoghurt or milk. Other than the breakfast meals they offer, people will not be disappointed to try the other meals they have during the day.
deparis-boracay-restaurant-550x383On Boat Station 2, the Chez De Paris Boracay Restaurant is located. Its location is one of its jewels for it can be easily seen and reached by many tourists. Chez De Paris Boracay Restaurant is one of the oldest food joint on the island, serving their specialty food since 1984. Their specialties include French, Filipino, Thai and other Asian cuisines which are very affordable. They are also known for preparing sumptuous seafood. Their Angus Beef Steak, Pizzas, Ocean Fresh Fish Steak, Vegetarian and Pasta dishes are also notable for their quality of preparation and flavors. They also have the distinguished Chez de Paris’ beef teriyaki. This dish is said to be one of the best in the country. As for the additional and unique experience they offer, they do have an attention-grabbing wine cellar.

Another Boracay restaurant that is found on the white-shores of the tropical island paradise is Fridays Boracay. It is a restaurant that is part of a hotel who houses many tourists vacationing on the island. It is one of those restaurants that have a big space for diners. The dishes served here are influenced by European, Asian and of course, Filipino cultures. They make their menu interesting by having daily themes. One of the famous themes they have is the Friday Grill Buffet which is just part of the restaurant strategy of giving buffets, for many people clamour for such dining set up. The price is a little high than most of the Boracay restaurants but people will get the value of their money. Diners are guaranteed to have a great meal for Fridays Boracay is a place where internationally-trained chefs and pastry chefs are found. They also courteously ask diners whether they want to eat under the tropical cogon roof or in the Al Fresco dining on the terrace.

Diners who are on the mood for shopping can also find a number of great restaurants at the D’Mall. One of the most talked about is Lemon i Café Boracay Restaurant. The restaurant’s name itself tells a lot of the food they offer. Their specialty is called Lemon Thyme roasted chicken which is served with sautéed potatoes. People can also fulfil their guilty pleasures with the Lemon Bar Slice and the Classic Lemon Tart, Lemon Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Carrot Cak, Brownie Slice and Belgian Chocolate Cake. This Boracay restaurant is known to have a creative touch to their dishes which means every dish they make is served in an artistic appeal.

Blue Berry Borcay Restaurant is another dining experience that vacationers should try when in the D’Mall. They offer good grilled food at affordable prices. It is described by many to be an All-Filipino food stop because of the great local dishes they offer. Aside from this, they also offer refreshments which are famous for their 20- peso range. It is good treat for those vacationers who are on a budget but want to have a gastronomical experience.
lemon-i-cafe-boracay-restaurantsFor those who are looking for a fun place to hang out which is quite different, it might be good to visit the D’ Hobbit House Boracay Restaurant. The name itself has its own uniqueness to it and vacationers should wait till they reach the said place. It is famous for the midgets that they have as waiters, attendants and even chefs. Another nice thing about the restaurant is the main attraction which is food. Their specialty is pasta, from Carbonara to Spaghetti, the young and the old will surely love them. For their menu, they have an international-fusion of dishes. This is definitely a wonderful place to visit in Boracay.

These are only a few of the many Borcay restaurants that offer great food. This brings a new meaning to the destination vacations. Not only does the tropical island paradise offer sugary-white sand, azure waters and clear skies, but it also offers a mouth-watering food experience. In planning your next vacation, why not travel to this beautiful island, have fun on the beach while eating your heart out at any of the Boracay restaurants present.

Boracay’s Bulabog, Number 1 Kite Boarding Beach in Asia

bulabog-beachBoracay’s Bulabog Beach is a 2.5 kilometres long stretch of white sand and azure waters located at the east part of the island. It is one of the popular tourism beaches on the island, second to the White Beach. This is the part of the tropical island paradise that is frequented by many, sea and wind sports enthusiasts to take advantage of the powerful winds on the right seasons and months. Another special characteristic of this beach is the offshore coral reef that protects it.

Since Bulabog Beach is just on the opposite side of White Beach, people can take a 10 minute walk to the other beach on the western part. It is also accessible through the all the available land transportation on the island. Sometimes the boats stop here directly to drop tourists near their lodgings or resorts. This makes it easier for the visitors who arrive at the Caticlan airport. They can just get a boat to drop them off directly at Bulabog from the Caticlan seaport. When it comes to proximity, the business center of the island called “D’Mall” is very close to Bulabog Beach. In fact, tourists can just take a 5 minute walk to the place to do souvenir shopping or just to explore the place.



This beach offers a different variety of water activities. If the other parts of Boracay island is meant for scuba diving or snorkelling, the strong winds on Bulabog beach cater to wind surfing and kite boarding. Because of this distinguishing element, Bulabog has earned the title of being the number one kite boarding beach in Asia. Amateur and professional kite boarders take advantage of the powerful winds during the early months of the year. This beach is also one of the chosen venues for the Asian Windsurfing Tour along with the seven-day Boracay International Funboard Cup which is held during the month of January. The athletes here enjoy the great power of the winds until the months of June or July when the southwest monsoon begins. After these months, the beach is usually bare and empty of people. This allows visitors on the White Beach or those who are staying on Bulabog to see the “different” side of the tropical island paradise of Boracay.

The number of athletes and visitors coming annually on this side of the island can also find good accommodations here. There are good hotels, resorts and Boracay condos that can house them. When it comes to development, White Beach is far more established compared to Bulabog. This means fewer lodgings in Bulabog Beach; however, these are just enough to accommodate the annual number of tourists visiting the beach. Nonetheless, guests can get great services from the lodgings available here.
Kitesurfing-Lesson-at-Funboard-Center-BoracayWhen it comes to the grabbing something to eat on Bulabog Beach, there are a small number of restaurants on this side of the island. But there are also eateries that people can try. People can get great meals which are not only delectable but are also affordable. There are many noteworthy restaurants on Bulabog. Aside from the wonderful dining experience here, tourists can also take advantage of the souvenir shops found on the shores of Bulabog Beach. More shops can be found at the D’Mall and D’Talipapa which are both just several minutes away. These places have the essentials that people need to shop for and other fun things that will complete anyone’s trip to Boracay.

Bulabog Beach is really a site worth seeing on the beautiful island of Boracay. This place offers people more options when traveling to Boracay. There is a great reason why athletes and other tourists flock on this area of the tropical island paradise. The peace and natural beauty of this beach has a great influence on the type of vacation that people want to have, just like the strong winds that make kite boarding and windsurfing possible. This is just a glimpse of Boracay’s Bulabog Beach, people have to come and experience it for themselves.

Boracay Scuba Diving an Experience of a Lifetime!

141221369457260 (2)The Philippines is one of the countries that have many diving sites, one of the activities that people can try is Boracay scuba diving. Boracay is a tropical island paradise which is approximately seven kilometres long and one kilometre wide in its midriff. This piece of paradise is made of several beaches that offer a many activities that visitors can do on and off-shore. Tourists who want to explore more of the place can try snorkelling or the popular Boracay scuba diving. Scuba diving allows amateurs and professional divers to see the beauty of the island underwater. If there are numerous activities that people can do on the island, there are also several diving spots to explore for divers.

There are 15 known diving spots in the area of Boracay. The first is Beach Night Dive site which has a maximum depth of 5 meters. This is a popular dive spot for those divers a sharp eye for it is a slightly-known treasure trove. It is a sandy area that has sea grass and hard corals where crabs, nudibranchs, flounders, pipefish and squid can be found. The next dive site is Angol Point which has a starting depth of 5 meters and a maximum depth of 12 meters. This is said to be a perfect site for beginners and even divers who are training. In fact, this is a good spot for snorkelling. It is described to have sea cucumbers, starfish, leather corals, nudibranchs anemones and stony corals on the reef. The third site is Coral Garden, which is famous and a favourite for a snorkelling site as well. This is also a good spot for beginners and training for it often has a clear and calm condition. For the beautiful creature found here, there are sergeant majors, butterflyfish and batfish crowding around because it is a famous feeding ground for fishes. Another site is Crocodile Island which is starts at 5 meters that reaches a maximum of 22 meters. This dive site has a lot of gorgonian fan and whip corals with tropical fishes such as morrish idols, banner fish, pipefish, fusiliers, chromis, anthias, damselfish and hawkfish.

boracay_scuba_divingThere are also 3 other diving sites that have the same 5 meter starting depth and a maximum of 20 meters. These are Laguna de Boracay, Laurel Island and Tulobhan Reef. Laguna de Boracay is found at the east side of the island, another site great for beginners as well as professionals. Divers describe this as a large area where one can find corals, anemones, butterflyfish, a wide diversity of clams, lionfish and even sea squirts. Laurel Island on the other hand is made up of Big and Small Laurel. Big Laurel is the spot where it has a swim-though tunnel occupied by nudibranchs and soft corals. Both Big and Small Laurel have walls which have corals and abundant fish life. Tulobhan Reef has a steady current that is usually filled with eels and sea cucumbers. It is also interesting to know that sea snakes can be found here.

In Boracay, the Bat Cave is a famous place to explore on the island. The dive spot that leads to the Bat Cave is made of small caves. This place is a home for sea snakes and lobsters. Another dive spot that starts at a depth of 7 meters and has a maximum of 18 meters is called Friday’s Rock. It is a large boulder where fish, like surgeons, scorpionfish, triggerfish and emperors feed. The next dive site is called Balinghai, starting at a depth of 8 meters and has a maximum of 40 meters. Bigger fish can be found here, like sharks and tuna. There are two parallel walls in here and the small fleapits serve as a home for gobies, puffers, lionfish, triggerfish, anthias and bannerfish. Punta Bunga is another dive spot which starts deeper at 9 meters and has a maximum depth of 24 meters. When diving here, divers will see nooks and crannies that house groupers, moray eels, lionfish and triggerfish. At the depth of 24 meters, stingrays are present. Channel Drift starts a depth of 10 and has a maximum depth of 35 meters. There are sightings of white-tip sharks and trevallies.
clown-fish-boracay-scuba-divingThe other dive spots are a deeper than the first ones mentioned here. Camia for instance, starts at 18 meters and has a maximum of 30 meters. It is an interesting and different dive site for divers will be visiting a sunken cargo boat which is now a place where fish, such as huge red bass, Bluefin trevallies, batfish and scorpion fish. The second deepest site is Virgin Drop, starting at 18 meters and is 35 meters deep. Just like the other sites that provide a colourful view, it has large sea fans that serve as a hiding place nudibranchs, bass and moray eels. With the tidal changes, stingrays can be seen sometimes. The deepest of all these is called Yapak, which is made of two walls called Yapak 1 and 2. This is the most popular of all the diving sites where divers can encounter sharks, groupers, dogtooth tuna, giant trevallies and napoleon wrasses.

All these sites are worth seeing for they offer a variety of underwater scenery when going on Boracay scuba diving. However, the weather and water conditions must be checked before pushing through with the dive. In Boracay, visibility underwater has been said to be related to the water temperature. When the water is warmer there is better visibility which can range from thirty to fifty meters. This is usually happens during the summer months, from April to June. On the other hand, from December to February which are considered to be the coldest months of the year in the Philippines, there is less visibility. This is because the algae and plankton bloom during the cold months affect the visibility.
downloadBoracay Island is known to have the fine sugary-white sand. This factor also affects the visibility under waters. The bottom of the sea which is also made of the same white sand provides great help in completing the Boracay scuba diving experience. The white sand reflects light causing more visibility. It makes the colors of the flora and fauna underwater look more vibrant. It allows photographers to take great shots of the rich biodiversity found in the waters of Boracay.

Tourists who are professionals or amateurs when it comes to scuba diving can go on these beautiful spots with the help of over 30 diving shops found on White Beach. All these shops are members of the Boracay Association of Sport and Scuba Diving. The number of these shops results to a healthy competition among them. Each of these shops makes sure that their facilities and equipment are in good condition, this in turn benefits their customers. Tourists can also take advantage of the PADI-certified instructors in Boracay. People are not only guaranteed to not only learn from the best but they are also in good hands during the drop offs and diving.

Calypso Diving School is one of the popular scuba shops on the tropical island paradise. It is located on the heart of the island itself. It is the sole National Geographic and 5-Star PADI center in Boracay. They offer courses like Search and Recovery Diver, Discover Scuba Diving, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Altitude Diver and Discover Snorkeling. They also offer other specialty courses such as Digital Underwater Photography, Project Aware Specialist and Aware Coral Reef Conservation. In order to train and teach these courses they do have air-conditioned classrooms and a swimming pool of their own.
39Another scuba shop in Boracay is New Wave Divers. They also have an extensive array of diving courses. People can take advantage of the PADI experience courses taught by diving masters. They make sure to handle small groups during dives to make sure that the divers are safe. These courses are offered with guaranteed personalized services to make experienced, most especially those beginners to feel comfortable during the dive. New Wave Divers also offer free trials for those who are having second thoughts about diving. They are also one of the scuba shops who have partner hotels and resorts. This partnership produced a variety of packages that are inclusive of accommodations and diving lessons.Diving rates are between Php 3,500 to Php 48,000.

Victory Divers is another popular scuba shop on Boracay, which was established on the year 1992. It was one of the very first scuba shops on the tropical island paradise. It was established by PADI Master Instructor Victor Ocskai. They offer courses that suit both amateur and professional divers. They have introductory and advanced courses. Some of their courses include Master Scuba Diver, Discover Scuba Diving, Divemaster, Emergency First Response, Equipment Specialist, Photography Diver, Deep Diver and Videography Diver.

For international tourists who are looking for instructors who can speak their language, Watercolors Diving Adventure is a great scuba shop for them. They have multi-lingual instructors which is perfect for tourists who want to learn diving courses in their own language. Some of the languages that they are proficient are English, Scandinavian and Dutch. This scuba shop, boasts its equipment which included Scubapro wetsuits, regulators and Technisub fins. Watercolors Diving Adventure offer courses such as Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air Diver and PADI Rescue Diver.Their rates start from Php 2,000 to Pho 65,000.
1415270970355Another 5-star PADI center is called Safari Divers. This scuba shop is located on the White Beach just like the others. This shop has customized speed boats which they use for the diving lessons. They also have quality scuba equipment which can be rented. From wetsuits, tanks and regulators; tourists can have them rented. For tourists who came to Boracay to learn scuba diving, this shop offers lodgings to its students. This package is a great deal for tourists who would want to save and learn diving at the same time.The diving rates of Safari Divers range from Php 2,000 to 40,000.

White Blue Diving Service is also one of the more than 30 scuba shops found on Boracay. This shop is considered to be one of the most inviting shops to learn diving. They have an array of extensive scuba diving courses in Boracay. They also have snorkelling courses that beginners can take. The dive masters here teach diving students basic diving techniques and advanced ones that include navigating dive site that have strong currents and precipitous walls. These courses are taught in English or Japanese on a daily basis, taking students to the different dive sites in Boracay.The White Blue Diving Service ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 80,000.

These are just a few of the many scuba diving schools and shops in Boracay. The number alone proves that Boracay offers great reefs to be explored. One common thing that these shops teach their diving students is how to explore the sea without rescinding the coral reefs and the natural environment. Boracay is a tropical island paradise that has a beautiful underwater biodiversity. Boracay scuba diving is a nature-friendly activity that allows people to explore these wonders up close and personal.