Boracay’s Bulabog, Number 1 Kite Boarding Beach in Asia

bulabog-beachBoracay’s Bulabog Beach is a 2.5 kilometres long stretch of white sand and azure waters located at the east part of the island. It is one of the popular tourism beaches on the island, second to the White Beach. This is the part of the tropical island paradise that is frequented by many, sea and wind sports enthusiasts to take advantage of the powerful winds on the right seasons and months. Another special characteristic of this beach is the offshore coral reef that protects it.

Since Bulabog Beach is just on the opposite side of White Beach, people can take a 10 minute walk to the other beach on the western part. It is also accessible through the all the available land transportation on the island. Sometimes the boats stop here directly to drop tourists near their lodgings or resorts. This makes it easier for the visitors who arrive at the Caticlan airport. They can just get a boat to drop them off directly at Bulabog from the Caticlan seaport. When it comes to proximity, the business center of the island called “D’Mall” is very close to Bulabog Beach. In fact, tourists can just take a 5 minute walk to the place to do souvenir shopping or just to explore the place.



This beach offers a different variety of water activities. If the other parts of Boracay island is meant for scuba diving or snorkelling, the strong winds on Bulabog beach cater to wind surfing and kite boarding. Because of this distinguishing element, Bulabog has earned the title of being the number one kite boarding beach in Asia. Amateur and professional kite boarders take advantage of the powerful winds during the early months of the year. This beach is also one of the chosen venues for the Asian Windsurfing Tour along with the seven-day Boracay International Funboard Cup which is held during the month of January. The athletes here enjoy the great power of the winds until the months of June or July when the southwest monsoon begins. After these months, the beach is usually bare and empty of people. This allows visitors on the White Beach or those who are staying on Bulabog to see the “different” side of the tropical island paradise of Boracay.

The number of athletes and visitors coming annually on this side of the island can also find good accommodations here. There are good hotels, resorts and Boracay condos that can house them. When it comes to development, White Beach is far more established compared to Bulabog. This means fewer lodgings in Bulabog Beach; however, these are just enough to accommodate the annual number of tourists visiting the beach. Nonetheless, guests can get great services from the lodgings available here.
Kitesurfing-Lesson-at-Funboard-Center-BoracayWhen it comes to the grabbing something to eat on Bulabog Beach, there are a small number of restaurants on this side of the island. But there are also eateries that people can try. People can get great meals which are not only delectable but are also affordable. There are many noteworthy restaurants on Bulabog. Aside from the wonderful dining experience here, tourists can also take advantage of the souvenir shops found on the shores of Bulabog Beach. More shops can be found at the D’Mall and D’Talipapa which are both just several minutes away. These places have the essentials that people need to shop for and other fun things that will complete anyone’s trip to Boracay.

Bulabog Beach is really a site worth seeing on the beautiful island of Boracay. This place offers people more options when traveling to Boracay. There is a great reason why athletes and other tourists flock on this area of the tropical island paradise. The peace and natural beauty of this beach has a great influence on the type of vacation that people want to have, just like the strong winds that make kite boarding and windsurfing possible. This is just a glimpse of Boracay’s Bulabog Beach, people have to come and experience it for themselves.

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