Call Centers in Boracay

The business process outsourcing companies known as the call centers have been growing in number in the Philippines. Companies have been popping like mushroodownload (2)ms in the country for they certainly reduce costs in operating their businesses. These companies need people to perform the customer service, technical support and other business support functions which are abundant here. Not only do they get the native speakers in the Philippines but the cost is much lower compared to the western countries. Many international companies have outsourced in this country and have put up such centers in cities and other areas where they can get the number of people they need easily. Most of these call centers were placed in urban areas in the Philippines and they are still continuing to search for possible areas to put up call centers.

Many have considered the Boracay Island as a great place to put up such call centers. Just like any industry, the call center business people are also going through hectic schedules which include shifting type and stress from the long hours of work. Putting up a call center in Boracay is can be a great idea. In any field, motivation is very important in order to keep the employees productive. Motivation is not only limited to monetary means but employees can be motivated through other ways. Imagine a call center in Boracay, wouldn’t it be fun to work and go to the beach once in a while. In this case the clear waters and the white sands are readily available for the employees to take time and relax.

They say never mix business with pleasure but there is really nothing wrong in doing so. A call center in Boracay is pretty much doing so. Many of people from the city travel as much as 200 miles to reach the island to get their share of rest and relaxation so they get rejuvenated and continue to take on the challenges. So it will be great on the part of Boracay call center agents. Not only do they have a lucrative job, they are also located in the internationally known Philippine tourist (3)

According to the psychology of colors, blue is the color of calmness, healing and focus. The water and the skies which dominate the whole of the island will surely help them relax and get rid of the unwanted stress on their bodies as part of the healing. The water and the skies will also help them focus on their job making them productive on the tasks that they are going undertake.

Overall putting up a call center on Boracay Island is a wonderful idea. The companies should not worry about filling up the seats with qualified people as agents. Almost all Filipinos can speak English very well. With a little accent and communication polishing they will be good to go. This will be an opportunity that many locals can pursue. They will be provided another source of income aside from the tourism which is considered the jewel in the region.

This is the reason why it is no surprise to hear that many companies are looking at Boracay as the next call center outsourcing destination. There are many opportunities that can be explored in Boracay. The tourism and real estate have been flourishing in this place and there is no doubt that call centers may also prosper. When it comes to getting people to work in such a call center in Boracay, there are a lot of people who are in love with the place who would take the opportunity to work on the island. So there’s no big surprise if one big company opens up its contact center in the beautiful place.

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