Eat your Heart Out at the Boracay Restaurants

boracay-restaurants-300x224The tropical island paradise is a famous place for its beautiful beaches as well as the Boracay restaurants. The trip on this island is never complete without eating in any of over 200 restaurants on the island. Normally, destinations like Boracay let tourists experience the local delicacies and dishes in the country. However, the tropical island destination does not only serve the Filipino specialties but it also has a lot of restaurants that offer world-class cuisine. From Mediterranean, American, Greek and Asian; they are present in Boracay.

The dining experience on the island is a one-of-a-kind experience, treating almost everyone to a gastronomically-awesome ride. People who are looking for great food can eat at any of the Boracay restaurants. This goes the same for those who are looking for refreshing thirst-quenchers on the island after a wonderful swim on the beach. The great thing about these restaurants is that almost of them are found along the white-sand shores. People can find a place to eat in all over the island. Whether people are looking for a good place to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a snack in the afternoon; they can find a Boracay restaurant nearby.

boracay-restaurant-andoks-roast-chickenIf you are on the area of the White Beach, you might want to try the great food offered by popular restaurants there. One of the Boracay restaurants on the White Beach is Andok’s Boracay. It is a franchise of the famous Andok’s Lechon Manok in the country. It has become a hit for they do not only serve delicious grilled chicken but they also have other Filipino delicacies. Andok’s Boracay is not only known for their sumptuous food but it is also known to offer these fare for a practically low price. The all-time favourites here are grilled milk fish, tapa, tocino, roasted chicken, fried chicken, porkchop, barbecue, crispy pata, lechon kawali and sisig. For dessert, they offer the famous leche flan, mais con yelo and banan con yelo. Tourists who would want to experience their food can find them in Boat Station 3 on the White Beach.

Another Boracay restaurant is Baracuda Snack Bar which is located on the shores the White Beach. This is a known Reggae, Rock and Blues Bar. It is famous for breakfasts and lunches with its small area. However, tourists should not be deceived by its small space for it serves great food. They have a great menu which includes their best-sellers like sandwiches, omelettes, salads, muesli, fruit pancakes, rosti, schnitzels and sausages. This is why it is a great place to have breakfasts; these meals are also great for snacks. They also offer a wide array of fruit juices and tea but during the night people can have a great time with the available booze. People who would want to have a filling breakfast, lunch or snack can find Baracuda Snack Bar at the White Beach, it is located just north of the tourist center.
blue-mango-boracay-restaurantDuring a walk across the White Beach, on the Station 3 people can easily spot another popular Boracay restaurant. It is called Blue Mango Boracay restaurant, it is famous for a menu that has a fusion of American, Chinese, Filipino, German and Italian flavors. Among their delectable dishes, their seafood pasta is their specialty. Diners will also love the prices which range from low to medium amounts. Not only will the tourists enjoy the food but the ambience as well. It is one of the Boracay restaurants that have a roof deck loft where people can have a panoramic view of the beautiful waters. People who would want to have fun on Blue Mango Boracay Restaurant can go ahead and order booze, for this restaurant is also a bar.

boracay-restaurant-lemon-i-cafe-fruitshakes1In going to the beach, some people would want to have a serving of fresh fruits. Jonah’s Boracay Fruit Shakes is a place that offers a wide array of tropical fruit shakes. This is one the highly-recommended places to visit on the island. A Boracay trip is not complete without stopping over at Jonah’s for a thirst-quenching fruit shake. Aside from their best-selling shakes, they also offer tasty sandwiches and burgers. This is a restaurant like no other on the tropical island paradise.

Having the knowledge of the fictional character of mermaids in the sea is fun but in Boracay, the Café del Mar Boracay restaurant lives up to this idea. They have a mermaid statue in front of the bar and restaurant has become their trade mark. It is now related to the cozy ambience of Café del Mar which offers good food, thirst-quenching beverages and relaxing music. Because of these factors, it has grown to be a popular hangout place on the island. They make sure that guests and other diners wake up to a good start through their American, Continental, Filipino and Boracay Breakfasts. They also have healthy breakfast options which consist of muesli, diced banana topped with mango. It is then served with yoghurt or milk. Other than the breakfast meals they offer, people will not be disappointed to try the other meals they have during the day.
deparis-boracay-restaurant-550x383On Boat Station 2, the Chez De Paris Boracay Restaurant is located. Its location is one of its jewels for it can be easily seen and reached by many tourists. Chez De Paris Boracay Restaurant is one of the oldest food joint on the island, serving their specialty food since 1984. Their specialties include French, Filipino, Thai and other Asian cuisines which are very affordable. They are also known for preparing sumptuous seafood. Their Angus Beef Steak, Pizzas, Ocean Fresh Fish Steak, Vegetarian and Pasta dishes are also notable for their quality of preparation and flavors. They also have the distinguished Chez de Paris’ beef teriyaki. This dish is said to be one of the best in the country. As for the additional and unique experience they offer, they do have an attention-grabbing wine cellar.

Another Boracay restaurant that is found on the white-shores of the tropical island paradise is Fridays Boracay. It is a restaurant that is part of a hotel who houses many tourists vacationing on the island. It is one of those restaurants that have a big space for diners. The dishes served here are influenced by European, Asian and of course, Filipino cultures. They make their menu interesting by having daily themes. One of the famous themes they have is the Friday Grill Buffet which is just part of the restaurant strategy of giving buffets, for many people clamour for such dining set up. The price is a little high than most of the Boracay restaurants but people will get the value of their money. Diners are guaranteed to have a great meal for Fridays Boracay is a place where internationally-trained chefs and pastry chefs are found. They also courteously ask diners whether they want to eat under the tropical cogon roof or in the Al Fresco dining on the terrace.

Diners who are on the mood for shopping can also find a number of great restaurants at the D’Mall. One of the most talked about is Lemon i Café Boracay Restaurant. The restaurant’s name itself tells a lot of the food they offer. Their specialty is called Lemon Thyme roasted chicken which is served with sautéed potatoes. People can also fulfil their guilty pleasures with the Lemon Bar Slice and the Classic Lemon Tart, Lemon Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Carrot Cak, Brownie Slice and Belgian Chocolate Cake. This Boracay restaurant is known to have a creative touch to their dishes which means every dish they make is served in an artistic appeal.

Blue Berry Borcay Restaurant is another dining experience that vacationers should try when in the D’Mall. They offer good grilled food at affordable prices. It is described by many to be an All-Filipino food stop because of the great local dishes they offer. Aside from this, they also offer refreshments which are famous for their 20- peso range. It is good treat for those vacationers who are on a budget but want to have a gastronomical experience.
lemon-i-cafe-boracay-restaurantsFor those who are looking for a fun place to hang out which is quite different, it might be good to visit the D’ Hobbit House Boracay Restaurant. The name itself has its own uniqueness to it and vacationers should wait till they reach the said place. It is famous for the midgets that they have as waiters, attendants and even chefs. Another nice thing about the restaurant is the main attraction which is food. Their specialty is pasta, from Carbonara to Spaghetti, the young and the old will surely love them. For their menu, they have an international-fusion of dishes. This is definitely a wonderful place to visit in Boracay.

These are only a few of the many Borcay restaurants that offer great food. This brings a new meaning to the destination vacations. Not only does the tropical island paradise offer sugary-white sand, azure waters and clear skies, but it also offers a mouth-watering food experience. In planning your next vacation, why not travel to this beautiful island, have fun on the beach while eating your heart out at any of the Boracay restaurants present.

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